Documentaries & Films That Inspire Wanderlust



Why watch: Features over 20 countries that include Angkor Wat, Galapagos Islands, and other stunning sights in the world.

The Endless Summer

Why watch: Surfing and travels to countries like Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, and more

The Fruit Hunters

Why watch: Fruit hunting across different countries that include Bali, Borneo, and Miami


Into the Wild

Why watch: Based on a true story of a man’s journeys to nature and the real world leaving the material trappings of life behind

Lawrence of Arabia

Why watch: Breathtaking desert scenes and an inspiring story of a British soldier’s encounters with nomadic tribes

Lord of the Rings

Why watch: Stunning film locations featuring the breathtaking landscape and scenery of New Zealand

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Why watch: Breathtaking and mesmerizing scenery of some of the most beautiful places in the world